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10 Spots For Coffee Lovers in Paris
The baristas are well trained, the brunch menu is solid and there's a special coffee concoction monthly to spice things up, like a cold brew mixed with house-made cola syrup. Pro tip: another Coutume venture to check out on the Left Bank is the cafĂ© …
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A Coffee Lover's Guide To Edmonton, Alberta
These shops serve a wide range of Canadian and international roasters, but Edmonton is also home to several roasteries of its own. Working at one of these roastery-cafes myself (shoutout to Iconoclast Coffee!), I've had the privilege of seeing small …
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The Coffee Lover's Guide To Pittsburgh
It's my city-home; the first urban place I ever got to really explore and make my own. It's also where I started truly appreciating and working in … On the menu today: manual brewed coffee to order via Bonmac pour-over, Chemex, or French Press; batch …
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