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Tidal-Wave Coffee
As pioneers of the super-premium set increasingly referred to as “third-wave coffee,” Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Intelligentsia Coffee have long stood for high-quality, robust java. Revered by a growing consumer base of millennial and affluent …

Nice Package: PT's Coffee of Topeka, Kansas
For our final Nice Package of 2015, we're highlighting work from a longtime leader in coffee quality in the United States: PT's Coffee of Topeka, Kansas. Our friends & partner at PT's have been in business since 1993 (!), and began roasting just a few …
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Brew Crumberland's Best serves quality coffee in an intimate setting: Best

Brew Crumberland's Best serves quality coffee in an intimate setting: Best
Thanks to their drive-thru window, Brew Crumberland's Best is able to respond to commuter demands for morning coffee while freeing up their interior space to be the kind of cozy, community-based establishment that owner Laurel Weiser, an East Hanover …

5 best and worst deals at Starbucks
With annual global revenues surpassing $ 14.8 billion, Starbucks is the most lucrative coffee chain in the world with its specialty drink menu and inviting atmosphere. … A few clever tricks can save you money without sacrificing the quality of your …
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Latest Best Quality Coffee News

How does Raj Sharma take his coffee?
I felt the general quality of coffee was pretty mediocre. You didn't have the café late or Starbucks. I identified the market niche but I didn't have the capital. How many … Always hot. The only thing cold I have is a Chardonnay. I love good wine. I …
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Chic New Coffee Cups From Paris (Of Course)
When someone asks you how your coffee is, do you think about the drink, or do you think about what you are drinking out of? While most of us rarely give a second thought to what we're drinking from, for the last year, Hippolyte Courty, founder of …
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Latest Best Quality Coffee News

Kraft Café in Ipanema Aims to Improve Rio Coffee Culture
“Coffee is our core business and we have really good coffee,” Hay told The Rio Times. “I have sourced great farms that have extremely good quality green beans. I have the beans trucked to Rio where I carefully roast them. Many people aren't aware that …
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Rising Star Coffee Partners with Humble Pie Bakery to Launch Own Bakery
Since opening its first shop in Ohio City, Rising Star has always offered baked products from various local producers. But soon they will be producing those products themselves thanks to a new partnership with Diane Sikorski of Humble Pie Bakery. The …
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Caribou Coffee Joins Push to Use Cage-Free Eggs in Products
“Today's announcement … underscores our commitment to serving the best quality eggs available from farms that uphold the highest standard of human practices,” Paul Turek, the vice president of the company's global supply chain, said in a statement.

Latest Best Quality Coffee News

Smart & Sexy Locals Tell You Where To Hang Out In Madrid & Barcelona
With the tasting menu are all the flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine , first quality, very careful presentation and treatment. SkyBar by Axel Hotel Barcelona is the ideal place to enjoy the coolest atmosphere of Barcelona and the most inspiring …
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New Year's Eve Drinking Advice
It's a time of celebration—watching the ball drop on Times Square, remembering the good times in 2015 and looking ahead to that first second after midnight when you're kissing in the New Year…and drinking in the possibilities. It's just as important …
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Sprudgie Awards: Vote Now To Honor The Best In Coffee!
Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood — for work as author of Water For Coffee, as a national barista champion in the United Kingdom, and as a small business owner advancing quality practices. Third Wave Wichteln — for founders Markus Reuter, André Krüger, and …
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Latest Best Quality Coffee News

Why the Washington Post named Portland America's top food city
It's the stereotypical "Why I Moved to Portland" story: An East Coaster visits town, preferably during summer, gets floored by the food and overall quality of life, then leaves, already crafting plans to relocate. Only in this case, that person was …

TOP FIVE | Work-Friendly Vancouver Cafes With High Quality Coffee & Super
We've become so accustomed to working and taking meetings in cafes that it feels a little weird these days to just sit and sip with either a friend or a good book. While there are plenty of spots that are especially amenable to socializing and other …
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Best independent coffee shops in Moseley

Best independent coffee shops in Moseley
Our latte and cappuccino (£2.40 each) had subtle differences in taste and texture, but both were quality brews that would appeal both to coffee connoisseurs as well as to the less discerning simply in search of something good. A toasted mozzarella wrap …
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No, Dropbox's cafeteria didn't get a Michelin star
“The 2016 Michelin Guide stars have been released, and among the many big names on the list is one unlikely winner: The Tuck Shop, Dropbox's office cafeteria, was one of 51 restaurants in San Francisco to be recognised for its exceptional food quality …
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Manufacturers of Pricey, Hipster Chocolate Bars Admit They Used Industrial
Earlier this year, Clay Gordon, a Good Food Awards judge and the author of Discover Chocolate told Slate in March this year that, “if you were to ask every chocolate manufacturer to rate bars, Mast Brothers would rate in the bottom five percentile …
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5 Best New Coffee Makers

5 Best New Coffee Makers
In both cases, newer technologies are now being incorporated into today's machines that make coffee brewed at home just as good as any skillfully brewed cup of joe. … Hitting the sweet spot between cost, quality and functionality is this model from …

Krispy Kreme Is Taking on Starbucks
Krispy Kreme, known best for its donuts, wants customers to know that its coffee tastes pretty good too. The chain has offered coffee for years, but never made it much of a priority. Now it is pushing java like never before. Bloomberg … One year …
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Rwanda: Call for Good Agricultural Practices to Maximise Coffee Production
David Rubanzangabo, the Managing Director of David and Family Ltd, said their wish was for farmers to get quality coffee. The company provided famers with equipment worth Rwf1.9 million. The equipment included pressure sprayers, and scissors.

The Best Book I Read This Year

The Best Book I Read This Year
Humboldt Bay, Humboldt Park, Humboldt Fog … a notable number of my home state's most notable features bear a German name. It wasn't until reading The Invention of Nature …. This juxtaposition is all the more striking because she so clearly delights …
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Local eateries unwrapping winter flavors
Gingerbread waffles are back on the menu at Spyro's Pancake House, 6455 W. Jefferson Blvd., and Bluebird Pancake House, 4410 Bluffton Road. … And hot chocolate lovers? Well, there's six varieties to keep you warm. • Dunkin' Donuts is serving …
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Bill Murray Biography, Philosopher Daniel Dennett Among Talks At Twain House
A philosopher and scientist, the author of a biography about Joan of Arc, a scholar of literary history and a biographer of actor Bill Murray will give talks, each beginning at 7 p.m., at the Mark Twain House & Museum, 351 Farmington Ave., Hartford …
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Milk can have a big impact on the taste of coffee – but which brand is best?

Milk can have a big impact on the taste of coffee – but which brand is best?
Milk can affect the taste and texture of coffee, depending on the type used. The biggest influence is fat content. With full-fat milk, you will get a creamy, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth texture. This is down to the milk's fat globules, which coat the …
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Liz Sheehan: The top 4 best coffee shops in Midland
These guys were also recently nominated in four categories in the Swan Business Awards including Quality Customer Service, New Business, Hospitality & Retail Business, proving that good coffee is big business in the area. Not only is this a coffee …
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United Airlines Looks to Get an Edge With Better Coffee
United's service quality issues have been broad-based, and its performance in the annual Airline Quality Rating report highlights its deficiencies. For three … Each year, Delta Air Lines has easily earned the best score among the legacy carriers. In …
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