Saeco's GranBaristo Avanti espresso machine makes brewing cafe drinks much too

Saeco's GranBaristo Avanti espresso machine makes brewing cafe drinks much too
The Avanti also makes some of the best espresso I've tasted. Especially from a home machine that's sitting on your kitchen countertop. It's creamy, it's rich. This has really thick creme. It's very delicious. And it's something that I think it's …
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The Startup, The Burnout
I typically get up early in the morning, put on a cup of quarter-caffeinated coffee and work through the inbox war. I write a plan … Good habits include a balance of quality sleep, a balanced diet and general moderation, all aspects of life that are …
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Washington Post names Philly #6 'Best Food City in America'
Philadelphia's always been in a fierce competition with its arguably “better” big brother New York City, but on Tuesday the Washington Post published its list of 10 Best Food Cities in America and hoagietown is ahead in the race. … I can get a fresh …
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Cold coffee drinks for hot days

Cold coffee drinks for hot days
“We make our iced coffee as a concentrated hot brew,” she says, adding that the bustling Peekskill shop regularly goes through 20 gallons of coffee, so quantity, along with quality, has to be considered. “When you're thinking about iced coffee, you …
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Tutty's Crossing Trails: Partnerships are key to Tutty's Crossing development
Nine East Coffee provided coffee and treats, and representatives from the Freeport Garden Club made a generous donation of funds for landscaping and were present to observe the installation. The approximate $ 6,000 cost for this initial tree planting …
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